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Glass & Adhesive Technology

If you happen to know even a little about auto glass, the name Pilkington glass probably sounds familiar to you. As a car owner, you must have felt the need to replace your car glass at some time or the other.

Instead of scurrying to replace your glass, you are advised to verify a few facts to make sure you have the best product in its category, so that your experience behind the wheel or as a passenger is pleasurable.

Five vital points to remember before replacing your windshield glass

1) Don’t settle for anything inferior. Make sure the windshield glass you replaced is original Pilkington product only. Feel the product thoroughly and satisfy yourself that you have not been taken for a ride by the vendor. Also, search for Department of Technology codes (DOT15 – DOT177 – DOT682 – DOT404 – DOT23 – DOT247), or Pilkington name or better still both, to signify that your product is authentic.

2) The coating on Pilkington glass windshield protects you from harmful sun rays, by reflecting back 30% of the total sun rays. Hence, not just your eyes and skin are protected from harsh UV rays; even your dash board and interiors receive adequate protection. The internal heat in the vehicle dips by almost 40°F due to the perfect amalgamation of EZ-Kool® technology and solar heat absorbing inner layer of the glass.

3) The technology behind the multi-layered Pilkington windshield glass shuts out unwanted noise from outside like that of the engine, wind, road, etc. The in-cabin noise too gets muffled to a great extent. At the same time, the sound emanating from other gadgets like radio, mobile phones, GPS system or alarm will not suffer in clarity.

4) Now talking of safety aspect, in case there is a breakage, the safety film covering the windshield holds the glass in place, and consequently you do not suffer any injury. The toughness of the glass prevents vandalism or theft and does not come in the way of your phones or security installation.

5) That’s not about all. Pilkington windshield glass is eco-friendly too. It consists of 15% recycled glass and to that extent the energy needed for the glass is saved. As already mentioned, the glass limits the amount of sunlight entering your vehicle resulting in better efficiency of your AC system, reduced fuel consumption and less emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Now, you might want to know how Pilkington glass is made:

The process of making of Pilkington glass consists of three stages, floating, forming and shaping. In the first stage involves pouring the molten glass on the surface of molten tin. During the course of flowing on the tin, the glass takes the shape of a ribbon with even thickness and smooth edges, loses its temperature and is collected in the form of a sheet using rollers.

Later, to remove internal pressure, the ribbon is exposed to heat treatment through a long furnace called lehr. The difference in flow speed and roller speed results in the formation of glass sheets of different thickness.

Plates of specific sizes are then cut using computer-aided cutters. This technology enables manufacture of very smooth, absolutely even and superb quality glass products. This type of glass demands years of expertise and thorough understanding of the science behind glass-making to produce a glass that is tough, long-lasting and performs better than any other type of glass in any given situation.

This glass is also supported by a technology that brings down the weight of its constituents by 25% as compared to other glasses, which fact helps to reduce fuel consumption.

Economically viable and speedy glass installation with high quality adhesive systems

BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems enjoy vast popularity and global patronage with regard to structural bonding and sealing non-moving vehicle glass. This bonding system that has a widely acclaimed reputation for offering unique performance is known for being economically viable and very quick installation time.

BETACLEAN™ cleaners, BETAPRIME™ primers and BETASEAL adhesives together constitute BETASEAL glass bonding systems and offer a complete bonding result where glass bonding applications are concerned. If you have tried BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems once, you will not want to try any other alternative, for one trial is enough to convince the user about the quality of the product.

BETASEAL products offer a wide gamut of mechanical characteristics that are suitable for various types of vehicle requirements and agree very well with every kind of vehicle production process and that include cold and warm applied systems too. Even for aftermarket glass replacement, BETASEAL glass bonding systems are in agreement with OEM durability specifications and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for barrier, rollover and roof crush guidelines.

The various uses of BETASEAL glass bonding systems
  • The product displays amazing effect on automotive glass as also ceramic substrates
  • Agrees very well with latest automotive paint technologies
  • Finds great use in primerless-to-paint systems technology
  • It is an ideal technology for absolutely safe drive-away times (SDAT) of 30 minutes or even less, even in the case of cars with twin airbags
  • You can have this product in medium and high viscosity (concentration level) depending upon your need
  • One of the major advantages that prompt the consumers to buy and recommend this product repeatedly is that this product enables very quick installation time and is economically viable too.
  • Has exhibited top-class performance to the most stringent OEM durability conditions and has withstood crash test too
  • Agrees with OEM regulations with global acceptance as a forefront technology
  • In the aftermarket arena too, displays OEM approved quality standards
  • Applications
An assortment of BETASEAL glass bonding systems has found its use in various glass bonding applications such as windshields, quarter glass and backlights.

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