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Consumer Guide

Auto Glass Consumer Guide

Auto Glass Repair Guide
If you have trouble with your auto glass, it may be difficult to find someone you can consult.

Moreover, finding a reliable auto glass repair or replacement company in the face of cut-throat competition is no joke.

You might encounter various companies making tall claims and dubious promises – with uncertified and substandard Mexican and Chinese products - landing you into more stress.

Moreover, you cannot allow less-knowledgeable technicians to tamper with your vehicle.

In the face of such uncertainty, it is always better to tread carefully and look for a reputed auto glass company with expert technicians that will examine your vehicle thoroughly and carry out the needful, after explaining to you in detail about every aspect of repair or replacement.

That's why, our consumer’s guide is aimed at enlightening you in this regard so that you know what to ask when you contact an auto glass company and make an informed decision, so that at the end of the process, you get full value for your money!

Stay Away From Rip-Offs
1) Ah, those coupons – If you thought you should grab discount coupons – they are everywhere now -, think again. These coupons are nothing but tiny baits by vested interests to trap customers who fail to read the fine print.

A reputed company will be pleased to give you everything in writing and adhere to each word. Remember to get a written quote and then arrive at yours and your insurance company’s financial implications.

2) Shun partial or total waiving of your deductible – Such promises are absurd as you shall be settling for sub-par material and work and putting your life at risk.

3) Those who brag too much, deliver less – If a company is too vociferous, avoid it. Gather feedback from known people and Better Business Bureau before deciding.

4) Do not fall for a mobile company – A company that does not have a proper brick and mortar building, is not to be relied upon. A well-meaning auto glass company with sound experience and technicians will be “transparent” and will readily answer all your doubts and provide all contact details, even without asking.

Know the misconceptions
  • All glasses are not the same – Please do not think that if you have known one auto glass, you have known all. The most recommended glass for your car is “O-E” (Original Equipment) glass and Mopar, PPG, Carlite, and LOF are some of the preferred brands. Otherwise, you shall end up paying more for cheap quality ones of Chinese or Mexican origin.
  • Your windshield is a mere window to the outside world – Your windshield is not just a glass curtain to see the objects while driving. It is supposed to be extremely tough and protect you and other passengers during mishaps such preventing your ejection, enabling the air bags to inflate in time and preventing the car roof from caving in.
  • Can drive soon after installation – The truth is that you cannot. The adhesive used for the installation needs to dry fully and that could take anywhere from 2 hours to 24 hours, depending on the weather. Any disregard to this condition could lead to rain water leaking inside.
  • I shall act on the direction of my insurance company – It’s your prerogative to go to the shop of your choice. Your insurance company cannot compel you to patronize any shop.
  • A warranty/guarantee is unnecessary – It is necessary by all means. Any company that believes in doing a thorough job will most gladly give you the required assurance.

Repair or Replacement
It’s a good question to ask whether your car windshield needs to be just repaired or replaced fully. The insurance companies aver that up to 30% of your windshield can be repaired and if you are lucky, your insurance company might waive your deductible in case you decide to opt for repair instead of replacement.

There is another method to decide if your glass needs repair or replacement. Keep a dollar bill on the crack or chip and if you are able to cover it fully, you can opt for repair and majority of auto glass companies assure that such crack will not spread under a year.

However, if you or your auto glass company is not too happy with the repair result, you are better advised to go for windshield replacement.

How your car windshield is replaced
When you are getting something done, it is always better to know the mechanism or the process that is involved. The following steps are meant to give you an idea as to how a car windshield is replaced, so that you will know whether the technician is doing a good job of replacing the glass. Never do it yourself, but leave this job to a trained and knowledgeable professional.
  • Procure a replacement windshield and make sure there are no chips or crack before buying. Carry it safely with adequate protection if you are carrying it in your car. In case the windshield is secondhand, you will need to remove or trim the urethane bead using a razor blade to make it fit in your car.
  • Exercise extreme caution while removing the top moldings and plastic surround side since they are not really needed and just add to the overall look.
  • You will then have to cut the urethane part carefully, taking care not to damage the glass. The urethane, though flexible, is pretty strong. Any mistake can break the glass into several pieces and harm you other than creating a mess and damaging the dash board or the metal part.
  • After cutting the urethane, trim it further, remove dirt particles, and fix rusty areas with a primer.
  • Apply a primer on the frit band of the glass. Attach molding to the glass and urethane treatment using an electric caulking gun is the next step.
  • Now is the final job of placing the windshield glass. Align the glass properly from all sides and secure it in position.

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